Business Team

Agility is all around us.

The ability to sense, adapt, survive and thrive in complex, ambiguous situations is a natural human behaviour. From birth It is foundational to our ability to learn about the world and those around us. Without it humans couldn’t have explored, innovated or formed large communities. It is the essence of how humans have survived and thrived across millenia.

This innate characteristics of being “agile”, as we now term it has been, and still is, a core part of every person.

Organisations are now seeking to become more agile, to become better at dealing with similiar complexity and ambiguity. Significant investment is being made to training, coaching, educating, change and transform the organisation’s people to become more agile. This suggests agility is something people only have when the organisation has shown them how.

Why are organisation's needing to teach people to be agile when they already are?

What inhibits people's natural agility in an organisational context?

How do we shift mindset from comfort with the illusion of certainty to a inquistive exploration of ambiguity?

This are some of the themes Agile Central intends to explore.